Ethan Edits

Wedding Videos

One of my good friends got married and asked if I would make a video for him. I filmed and edited this video

Golf INstructional Videos

I have filmed and edited many videos like this for local PGA teaching pros. Simple Straightforward instructional videos for country club newsletters and other online magazines.

Golf Fitness Videos

A local golf fitness trainer teamed up with a friend of mine who had the goal of competing in the world long drive competition. I filmed and edited a portion of one of his exercise routines.

Music Videos

Filmed the drone shots in this video and helped Sabrina with the editing.

Senior Project In FIlm School

Had an emphasis on sound design while I was in school. Was in charge of all the audio and mixing for one senior film, and audio assistant on 3 other senior level films.

Honorable Mentions


Worked with some YouTube stars early on in their careers, with audio and video. Notables include: Logan Paul, Jake Paul, Mark Dohner & Amanda Cerney

Engagement videos and more!